Red, white and looking for blue

Walls Have Ears

As a child it was a fascinating expression, as it was usually to do with keeping secrets.   ‘Hedges have eyes’ is the rest of the expression, kind of scary and best left alone!

But hey, what if it’s true?  Walls are really good at absorbing sound.  We found this out at a company Christmas dinner in a restaurant with very cool, hard floors, hard tables, CLATTER of cutlery and plates.  It would be overwhelming for people with ordinary hearing if they had not learnt to filter it out.

Some people’s ears dance to a different beat now and have a hearing-aid (shock horror did I just say that in public? – sorry but someone has to).  The aids still amplify everything but to a lesser degree.  Yeah, right, that is the object anyway.

Back to the point lol which is walls absorb sound.   With your back to the wall, it’s great.  You can hear the conversation at your table (this one seated six). My colleague and I could hear everything.  Only if you’re hearing-assisted or born curious, will you realise how wonderful that is!

Next time you have your back to the wall, preferably in a restaurant try it out and tell us.  What number of people around a table do you think is optimum for hearing?

Give us an example and win a small gift from hearingwellbeing.  The further away you are, the less likely it us to be chocolate.  We’ve heard of Interflora but Interchoc?


We love feedback!

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