Failsafe way to avoid hearing loss

Build yourself an igloo or sealed environmentally popular dwelling.  Stay in it.  You should have no communication with anyone.

Have someone deliver your meals so that you can rest in silent contemplation.

After a year, your voice will start sounding a little odd to you and unintelligible to the people who are trying to understand your corrections to the meal delivery.

Check that you are speaking to someone with ordinary hearing, otherwise the one query that you allow yourself a week, will become tiresome.  You decide it is a waste of time and retire to communicating by Skype, only they keep asking you to ring them as they have queries.  You send them a message in capitals, explaining in words of one syllable, that you are trying to avoid a hearing issue.  If they communicate by the written word, you will be fine.

After ten years your body will have fossilised from having no exercise.  Problem over.

What’s the back-up plan?  Easy.  Read on.


3 thoughts on “Failsafe way to avoid hearing loss

    • I can’t find your blog. Thanks for your comment and sorry it took so long to reply. I’m getting the idea of blogging, slowly. I feel really bad that no reply meant you went offline? There’s always a need for cookery. Also, to be honest, I have a cabbage question that can’t in any way be linked to hearing 😉

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