Official: Teenage Birds Can’t Hear Their Parents

In cities teenage birds can’t make themselves heard over the din.  So they’re giving up and not doing so well.

In the countryside, every bird can hear its parent so it gets fed.

The guy has changed the pitch of his mating call to get above the din.  The problem is to a female, it’s like nails down a blackboard.  He who does that, does not get anywhere.

You see the correlations with humans.  It is not a leap, it’s a foregone conclusion that if we continue to babble down mobiles in the street, we will suffer the consequences.

They are:

  • Mobile rage at yourself involves having a paddy in public (generally reserved for the ‘terrible two’s’)
  • Mobile rage at other people, fuelled by frustration into a fight.  It is worth noting that wars and diseases start with severe frustration.
  • The stirring of anger in public becomes collective.

What can we do?

Easy, lots of things, in the new book, in the next post.

Source: Sunday Times


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