On The Fringe(s)

It’s where we stand:

  • on the fringes of a conversation – if someone asks a question, hard of hearing people can walk away.  Some run!
  • with our backs to the wall – see blog post Walls Have Ears

You have to have almost perfect hearing to hear people talk.  How do you notice a person with any sort of hearing issue?

  • The Fidgeter – be very careful!  People hop about when they are uncomfortable so they might just be waiting for someone lol.  1)  Grab their attention with a quick  flick of the fingers.  Contact should be avoided and so should the royal wave.
  • The Non-Contributor – if you couldn’t hear, you wouldn’t contribute either.   2)  Smile to show you are not a threat and look straight at them.  It’s all a question of degree.  If you grab a stranger’s arm and look deeply into their eyes, they will beat you off or run away.
  • Concentration on your face.  People do this when I mangle their languages.  It’s an effort to lip-read.  3) See the blog on Sunglasses.

If you have ordinary hearing, please check.  We all want to join the conversation.  It’s why we consent to blocks in our ears.

If you appreciate any of these, you’re welcome to follow the blog.  Hey, we know all about lurkers and we don’t mind.  I reckon it takes longer for people with a hearing issue to join in anything.  We’re always looking for an escape route in case we don’t hear and a) no-one understands b) they laugh.  Let’s make them laugh with us.

Next:  “Your talk is five minutes long.  What music would you like to accompany you to the stage?”

Are you kidding me?!!


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