Tranquillity until you see the maverick HOH duck (copyright to Hearing Wellbeing 2012)

Thanking Facebook

Hearing Loop Conversor Pro

Conversor Pro Hearing Loop

‘Captcha’ is every webdeveloper’s nightmare, I’m reliably informed 😉

So thanks to Facebook for inventing the audio ‘captcha‘.  Trying to get into Facebook made frustrated tears well up, but we all have our frustrations, right?

So thanks to Faceboook for highlighting a huge, global problem: the waves of background noise that wash over all of us daily.

The  hearing-assisted can sort it.  What about the poor old ordinary hearing people?

Telephone manufacturers are running for cover.

“There’s a microphone right next to your mouth.” the sales guy said.

Only if your phone is long and fits the gap between your ear and your mouth!  It should.  That’s one way to stop people shouting into their mobiles.  It could also look extremely cool if you don’t mind wearing plastic on your face half the day.  Oops, sounds a bit like wearing a hearing-aid.


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