Repeat Ad Infinitum And Get Your Just Desserts!

Easter eggs // Ostereier

Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Mum - egg agent

My Mum – egg agent (Photo credit: exfordy)

The fruit jelly with Prosecco  had not set overnight and having decided to make a quick Eve’s pudding instead, I grated the apple, weighed out flour sugar, butter and found we had no eggs.  Drat, round to neighbour, Margaret, who was out.  Dash back inside and ring up Mum.

“Can you bring some eggs?”

“I’ve got eggs.”

“No, some eggs, two, round here?”

Teen is grinning and waving arms around but I ignore him, regrettably.

“What sort of question is that?”

“It’s an egg question.  Is there some problem? If you don’t have any,  I can go next door.”

I do have other neighbours.  Quite what they will think of asking for something so specific, I don’t know.  I begin to imagine the scenario, when my mother says slowly,

“What sort of eggs?”

I’m thinking ‘egg-shaped‘ when I see Teen grinning.  I am just about to hand him the phone, as Mum also has bionic hearing when she says

“Do you mean ordinary?   I thought you meant chocolate eggs!”

It is Easter Sunday.   Needless to say, this joke was repeated around the family. As usual, Teen put the lid on it.

“But Mum you’re always saying that if someone doesn’t understand, you have to say it in a different way.”

I am, I say it, write it and quite obviously when in a panic, forget entirely!


13 thoughts on “Repeat Ad Infinitum And Get Your Just Desserts!

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    • Hey there, thanks. Your great blog – how do I translate it. The Dutch are the best linguists in Europe, we all know that. I would understand it in French 😉 It’s wall-to-wall football in our house and today is tricky. Chelsea is playing Barcelona so I’m walking on eggshells – oh how apt – a reference to the blog 🙂

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