Shall We Should We Just Tell Them About Our Hearing?

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Coalition

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Coalition (Photo credit: MDGovpics)

No chance, not in a million years.  It doesn’t work.  If you say you have a hearing issue, recruiters run and keep running.  They think that hearing is key to every communication when we know it is about body language, expression and guessing 😉 .  Getting it wrong is better than not trying, at least on a good day.

Recruiters in a recession have, of course, found a way around the disability quota.  They cannot fill it because the person does not fulfill the basic requirements of the post.  there is no description of what these are but you can bet your bottom dollar that you need to hear on phones.

Amplified phones!!  Hearing loops for meetings.  It’s not difficult!  Of course if you don’t tell them and theyfind out, it is grounds for dismissal because you lied.  However the difference between applying under the disabled flag and not is the seniority of the refusal.  A real Manager might refuse a disabled person as they do have to be careful.  There’s a lot of rubbish around about not fulfilling the basic requirements.  If we knew what they were, we could make sure to fulfil them.  It is just another way to refuse.

Saying you’re disabled just to get a guaranteed interview (if you fulfil basic requirements) is a towering problem in itself.  I’m not disabled; I’ve just got a hearing issue, solved by the best equipment etc. etc.  Would I be tempted to keep quiet and hope that the interviewing panel speak clearly.  I’ve met a lot of holistic ideas.  I’ve said them to people about relaxing and stuff.  When they’re said to me, I wanted desperately to laugh.

“The tables (desks) are in a circle.” said the Chairman from at least twenty feet (6 metres) away.  “The hole in the middle,” he said, one hand stirring in air like he was making a cake, “the hole is for all the negative emotions.”

I grinned, I know I did.  The women flanking him were deadpan, completely, utterly and I was wriggling around, coughing and trying not to grin. Did they have a single candidate who managed to nod and keep completely still?

I did focus, but I was swinging from tree to tree by the end.  What that means is I was guessing and my guesses were following on from each other as I dug the biggest hole of incomprehension.  Did they make it easier?  Oh yes, they said things like:

“What is the most interesting part of the job and how would you apply your skills to it?”

The whole lot was two-in-one.  Next time I’m flying a flag.  Maybe I’ll get one question at a time?  Son looks at me sardonically.

“It’s jargon.  They might say it slower but they’ve got to ask you the same questions as everyone else.  To be fair.”

The lesson: if you’ve got a job, stick with it.  I don’t care if you hate it.  If someone is paying you and that is regular, please say thank you and keep your head down.