Talking Watches – Guys stop running, Feminists stop shouting

Sears, Roebuck & Company Mail Order Building, ...

Sears, Roebuck & Company Mail Order Building, 2650 E. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talking watch anyone?  Guys, stop running!  It’s okay it’s not nagging which covers far more eventualities than it should; it’s a man’s voice.

Feminists stop shouting ‘betrayal’!  Most hearing (loss) starts with the high pitches, i.e., children and women’s voices.

Stop guys!  It is not women’s  nagging that has deafened you slowly.  (It is highly recommended you never try that excuse.) It’s the pitch of the voice that you can no longer hear.  Got it?  If you have tuned out women’s voices, that is a problem we can’t help you with!

Men’s voices can be calming, soothing and very good at putting babies to sleep.  That might be, of course because they haven’t had a small person yelling in their ears all day.

It’s an advance on the talking clock where you ring a number and it squeaks three times.  Then you are told the time, by women, female celebrities when really what we need here is a low, calm, mellow pitch voice.  If you can get that in a woman, let there be choice.

The watches have clock faces, or alternatively with digital and a more fun child’s version in ultra-predictable pink or blue.  Must be a new product.  From Connevans, whose website is the fault of a dopey twerp web-developer who said

“Of course you can replicate your mail-order catalogue”.

Opinions and detail galore.  You interested,  best of luck, you go :

Looks like global delivery.  I just had to click on ‘doorknock beacons’.  It’s a flashing doorbell although it could take you three minutes’ reading to find that out.  Sorry, but it makes me laugh and then cough as I’m trying to be respectful.  Nope , doesn’t work 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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