Do hearing-aids / hearing devices wear you out?

“I don’t want to wear them at 29 in case they give me too much help.  My existing hearing won’t try any more and I’ll go deaf.”

That stumped me for a while because I could see where she was coming from.  Do hearing aids wear you out?

I believe it is the opposite.  Constantly wrinkling your forehead in concentration will give you wrinkles.  Trying to read people’s lip patterns screws up your face.    You lean forward to hear and your whole body tenses up thinking that if you keep completely still, you will hear better.  It’s a survival response we don’t use much any more.  The best position for hearing is relaxed!  Chill!

Putting on a hearing-aid for the first time is a lightbulb moment.  Your shoulders drop from their hunched position or creak down slowly if you’ve been there a while.  Your whole head relaxes from its constant squint.  You might feel your jaw relax with your head.   Headaches that were checked and are not a sight or teeth issue will diminish as you learn the relaxed position.  You can look around safely instead of focussing on what is in front.

Accessing equipment like a hearing-loop to raise your hearing further also relaxes you.  Earphones – we have issues with sticking a generic disc in your ear but recognize that nothing else is on the market.  Use a loop ithe hearing devices or earphones.  Headphones are less socially acceptable, maybe because you can see that the person is in another world and won’t hear you.

Some of it is relief that you can hear your music again.*  Relief is an instant relaxer.  Give yourself a break!  Get help from the state or an independent Audiologist.  If you wait until you fossilise, you’ll be stuck in your rut of silence.  You will have been in a peaceful world for years and when a cacophony slams into you, there will be an explosion of outrage from you that no-one else will understand .  They are relieved that you can hear.  What are you complaining about?  It’s about subtlety and hearing-aids are not known for it, at least not yet.

“Who is suddenly shouting? ”

If think you’re old and being shouted at, you are and you won’t want to be bothered with a fiddly hearing device.

“Wait, I can hear a  song thrush.”

Do you know what you’re missing?!

Give yourself a break, get equipment, or get a hearing device.  Make a start.

If you still doubt that hearing devices make you younger, wrinkle and stress-free,  start with an amplified phone or mobile.  If you’re ready to have a great hearing life, get a hearing aid / hearing device or a great one we came across recently, the elitist ‘personal communication assistant’ !

* Next – Quality of hearing-aids


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