Quality of hearing-aids – why do we bother?

It’s like a house where the estate agent tells you ** location, **location, ** location!!  They think it’s the most important thing to look for.   It’s actually about personal choice or we’d all live in eggboxes.

In a hearing aid, it is about how well can you hear someone talk to you from a metre away?  Are you getting clarity in a conversation on a one-to-one?  Communication comes top for most people.  If you want great music first, then you must try out the hearing device in the presence of your music. Taking mp3 player/ipod to the Audiologist‘s office is only a good idea if he has a state-of-the-art acoustic studio that’s set up for your hearing.

On holiday once we bought a case of  wine after we had tasted it chilled  from a  roadside vendor with his own labels.  It was such a romantic idea.   When we got home and cracked open a bottle, it was pure white wine vinegar.  We did the age-old roll it round your mouth and regrettably spat it out as fast as possible.  No way was it going down the throat!

Try out your hearing-aid(s) in the best possible surroundings for you to enjoy the best experience.  We rely on you finding a great Audiologist and having a proper hearing test.  They’re mostly state-of-the-ark where you have to press a button when you hear a sound.  Repeat anyone?  That aside, you’ve got this great aid that you want to do certain things.  Audiologists always ask what you want but they never get the answer they’re looking for.  The answer is you want to hear people talking clearly on a one-to-one.  And you want a programme to cut out background noise when you’re on the phone.  If you want great hearing for music, you need a loop system.  There are hearing-aid manufacturers who want to programme hearing-aids so that we can hear the doorbell, the TV, the phone and not go crazy.  Do I want the doorbell chiming in my ear when I’m listening to a TV drama?  No.  Do you?  IMHO that is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.  The problem, of course is accessing that loop.  Hearing-aid manufacturers are trying to skip a step of the process and put all of the technology into a tiny hearing-aid.  Please stop!  We want quality.  And quality means specialist.  Get communication and music right.  What about a hearing-aid for talking and one for listening to music and surround sound films?  It’s about quality of components in the hearing-aid.  Then when you access a specialist TV hearing loop, like Sennheiser, you will get the best possible hearing experience.

If you want rubbish hearing, there’s plenty of cheap loops on the market and cheap hearing-aids.  If an Audiolgist or equipment seller talks to me of  discount, I run a mile.  I’m not focussed on price.  I WANT QUALITY.  Is anyone listening?


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