Diamond Jubilee Yippee!

Northumberland Avenue

Northumberland Avenue (Photo credit: Ollie T.)

English: A perspective corrected image of Traf...

English: A perspective corrected image of Trafalgar Square in London, England. Taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 17-40mm f/4L lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pimm's cup

pimm’s cup (Photo credit: rossination)

In London we basked in a happiness shared amongst visitors and natives.  The normally reserved British were dressed in Union Jacks, wore red, white and blue bowler hats with great style and cheered and waved every time a little boat passed us.

We were standing on the Embankment ten metres (30 feet) from the river in what is normally a raised dividing line in the middle of the road.  People stood on buildings that you never knew had balconies.  Whilst some people declared them snipers,  everyone else just laughed.

And it didn’t rain, at least not while we were there.  With Londoners, we arrived 2 ½ hours before the flypast and never has time passed quicker!  We loved every minute as we watched the big screens and peered through a gap between the bottom of the Bridge and the top of the passing boats.  A foghorn blasted from our bank, was answered somewhere else and we cheered.    Some clever people sat in the London Eye – what most of the day?  And when the Queen’s boat passed, we cheered.  She stood up all the way so she could be seen by people in the water  – at 86!  And she looked amazing.  Loved her coat dress in white with gold stars and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall beautiful in cream and Princess Catherine was stunning.  Her red dress with flirty skirt to the knee for decorum and a matching long-sleeved jacket was a masterpiece.  If there are not a million copies sold, I’ll eat my hat.  And her shoes were a clever touch, don’t you think, in nude?  They are all icons of British design.  We’re all so proud and happy!!!!! 🙂 🙂

And after the flotilla had passed, we were swept up Northumberland Avenue (Monopoly Board) and arrived in Trafalgar Square with thousands of other happy people.   Covent Garden is the opposite side to the three arches – every restaurant imaginable.  Great fun.  Water fell from the sky  so up went the umbrellas and we dashed into a restaurant.  Happiness bathed us all weekend and we’re still on a cloud.  We had our street party, which turned into a garden party and then a house party as the drought of the previous month ended.  Pimms anyone?

Here’s the recipe.

1 bottle of Pimms, Lemonade, pieces of fresh strawberries, orange and most important, thinly sliced cucumber.   Handful of fresh mint – we grabbed some from our garden and ice.

Method:  Take 1 part (cup) Pimms to 3 parts (cups) lemonade.  Add the fruit and cucumber.  1/2 ice cubes in a tall glass.  Wow!

How much does it make?  It depends how big your cups are.

Any variations you have tried and liked?

Happy Summer! 🙂


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