Line Dancing Sound Engineers – Help!

Line Dance

Line Dance (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

A friend and I had our first Line Dancing class yesterday.  I couldn’t hear a word of the instructions even though the instructor had one of those headset microphones, a stick that wound around her other ear and pointed outwards and a small square box on the back of her waist.

I think the other people could hear her natural voice.  There was no sensation of amplified hearing through a microphone.

When I asked, the instructor said she could not amplify her voice too much because it interfered with the music output volume.  The music became too loud.

What on earth can I do?*  Yesterday I followed the steps by instinct and didn’t let myself think.  Maybe I better go and practise while you’re asleep and hope that the home of Line Dancing can solve this.

* I could use hearing equipment but shouldn’t need it.  Hearing-aids pick up microphones!


18 thoughts on “Line Dancing Sound Engineers – Help!

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  9. Hi there, I followed a pingback from my blog to your article. Thank you!

    I teach line dance and the comment your instructor made makes me wonder about the equipment she is using. I’ve been in rooms on both ends of the spectrum. Places which had no microphones available and places where the microphone was hand held (which I really dislike because I like having my hands free while I dance) and finally rooms with a head set like the one you describe.

    I have a question. Could you hear the instruction before the music was playing while she was walking the class through the steps? Or was the problem only when her voice and music was being combined?

    In all of the amplified situations, there were separate volume controls for the microphone and the music. Because both the computer with the music and the microphone were plugged into a mixing board which mixed the sound.

    I suspect that in the case of your instructor that if increasing the volume of the headset also increases the volume of the music, that there is only one volume control and no mixing board.

    I’d talk to the instructor and explain the problem with hearing. I know that if someone came to me with a problem like that I’d try to find a solution. Even if ti was simply a matter of having the student in the first row right next to me so they could hear me better.

    I’m a trained performer, former actor, so I can, using my non-amplified voice fill an entire room with no microphone. *grin*

    Good luck!

    • Hi TxCowboyDancer, as one writer to another, thanks for your feedback (groan unintended pun)

      I didn’t even hear a burble, which is what made me think the mike wasn’t on. Usually we hearing-assisted at least hear a stream of gibberish – apologies to everyone with ordinary hearing.

      Oddly, once when she turned 90 degrees to me, I could hear her talking into the mike. It sounded like a speaking voice and not an amplified one.

      Mixing boards – ah – I saw a black box with lots of knobs and two amplifiers. It was clear she could hear herself fine and that’s another problem. If she turned the mike up she would deafen herself and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Can you use an extension lead to a single mixing board to take both microphone input and music output?

      • Hi I guess you already answered by saying about the mixer board. As I’ve only been once, I don’t think I have the right to go asking about boards which would be an investment – how much approximately? I’ll just have to bite the bullet and take the hearing loop with me. A Conversor Pro. It’s a bit of a tall order to have effectively an extension to my hearing-aid that must pick out the teacher’s voice in background music. It’s what hearing-aids are supposed to do but can’t. The hearing loop raises the hearing a few more notches yet it will never be perfect. Be very grateful for your own hearing!

        The other issue I have following the second lesson is there are beginners and experts in the same class and we are both losing out. How to stop that? I’m writing a book on business and have given some hints to her with a copy to you … if I can find your email address.


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