Line dancing With fingers hands blocking ears and learn a lot about yourself Please do this in a safe environment.!!

I’m in business and have not done what I was told since I was three (according to my mother).
In the first line-dancing lesson, if I did not think, I could follow, mostly.
Second lesson, I was off-balance. I could hear no vice. Hearing-aids weren’t working last week, due to um, slight pilot error. This week it might have been great, if I had persuaded myself to take a hearing loop. My neighbour explained I had a hearing ‘problem’. If you know me, that’s red rag flying! I spend my life avoiding the ‘p’ word.

I’ve got hearing loops , I sell them, to other people. It’s dead easy to give advice isn’t it? Taking it makes me grind my teeth. There must be a better way, I’m thinking. So I’ve sussed out the line dancing and what the teacher has to do.

Now, shuffle shuffle, perform wrinkle-inducing face-pulling embarrassed expression, I have to wear a loop. State of the art? Very difficult for any hearing loop but we’re close. Next week I shall have to take my CP and be done, thanks. T Without it I am half a step behind and always off-balance. When we turn around, I get the less-than perfect steps of the person in front. High ceilings, hard floor, echoes (if you hear them) andzilch nado no instructions.

At one side of the stage is something terribly tempting. It is one of those industrial, six-foot wide floor mops with handles twenty feet long. I look at it as my feet have given up with an new step that is so obvious to the girl behind that it is sloppy. I know what I want. A video. Being hard-of-hearing I need advantages. Mine would be a video of some steps. What would yours be?


6 thoughts on “Line dancing With fingers hands blocking ears and learn a lot about yourself Please do this in a safe environment.!!

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    • Ah must go and have a look at mop comment 😉 I watched the video. It looked like set pieces like in ice dancing and great choreography. As a heathen beginner, I appreciated the fast part more. I’ll link this through to the Facebook page as well if I can. They’ll think it a great laugh.

      A hearing loop is a receiver that goes around your neck. People who wear hearing-aids in one or both ears switch to a loop programme on the aids and cut background noise. I’m not sure how well that is going to work with tapping feet as it may focus on them as the sound I want to hear. That is something to do with quality but type of hearing loss matters too. Cutting background noise is a big deal and not just for hearing-assisted people.

      Here’s a couple of article links. If you know how to make them shorter without the signs, please, I can take it.

      Happy Hearing and hope that Aston-Patterning can help with the wrist.

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