Seeing unidentifiable birds is the like hearing gibberish (Copyright Hearing Wellbeing 2012)

Hearing Gibberish

You are supposed to be relaxing with a gifted guru, into a state that is not sleep. He speaks clearly, most of the time.  It is the same style as ‘smart casual’ which my daughter complains about every time the Boyfriend accompanies us to family occasions.

“We do ‘smart’ and we do ‘casual’ but not both.”

I agree entirely, but speaking  in a ‘smart casual’ way  is like hearing half  of what is said clearly and half in a stream of babble.

So I’m just dropping into this sleep state.  I wiggle hearing-aid into place which sort of defeats the object as it tenses up that side slightly.  I only notice  because the other side is jaw-dropped bliss.  Then he starts talking as opposed to reciting numbers in  such a gentle voice, but hearing-aid ear starts straining.  The other ear, nearest the amplifier is not helping at all; it can’t as am having a holiday from wearing two.

Shall I wiggle round so  left ear faces speaker?  No, brain will wake up and feet will walk to kitchen for cup of tea, its Sunday habit. Of course guru is speaking out of both speakers alternately.  Hands up who wants a single-speaker version?  My brain has to zip between the two.  A second behind because of the hearing loss and off it goes, somewhere else.  I catch a few words but no verbs.  I sit up and switch off.

Hearing gibberish is no fun.  Maybe I was too relaxed to concentrate.  But it is such a bore going to the hospital to have your ears done.  Comfy chairs though in a new outpost,  half-run by the military who have more experience in hearing than they would like.  When you’ve been in a war, hearing loss is not wear and tear.  Yikes!  I will have to have another hearing test.

“Press this button when you hear a noise.”

State of the ark.  In the US and France, hearing tests are conducted in background noise.  If we hear gibberish, the hearing-aid can be adjusted straight away.  Why don’t we start from the hearing-aid instead of starting the whole process all over again?  This would save money and please the time and management people.

May your gibberish be short.  Stronger hearing aids or a hearing loop or preferably both will fix it.  I will let you know how the hearing loop works as it arrives via internet and post rather than time-wasting and hospital waiting-room.  I am not giving up as one-sided relaxation is halfway to bliss!


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