Calling Amazon, Software Geek Thinkers And TxCowboyDancer

Amazon, when you buy an e-books, there is a facility to look inside and see a sample before buying.  No-one can steal that because you have a way of protecting authors’ content.

Now I would like you to do the same for video, particularly instructional videos.  It is inspired by a line-dancing class and the teacher’s curious reluctance to make videos to help me practise.  It turns out that every time her fellow instructors post new dance videos on their websites, the content is taken and used as a demo video on YouTube.    I love YouTube, a great idea and offers visual information as well as reading it. However  we need to pay for created content as that will encourage the creators to work a constantly improving standard.

It is an addition to movies.  Talking feet help us dance.  Dancing makes us happy.

Texas Cowboy replied to this blog last week, so this is a public call to him to make videos of basic steps for beginners and work with his dance contacts and with Amazon, or whichever company will help, to implement it.  Did I say he was 7 times UDWC Dance Country Champion and this is in the home of line-dancing!

No-one likes continuing with something they cannot do.  It is a bit harder for me to learn as the instructions were gibberish until this third week when I took a hearing loop.  It is another reason,people like to download videos privately and practise when they like.  Then I can go to a class and can build on the steps I was practising.  Otherwise, I am just going to give up.  It is really sad but with a hearing issue, I am always a step behind.  Anything I can do to level the playing field, I will.  It This plea is for people with ordinary hearing as well.  My neighbour is about to give up and she has ordinary hearing.  It is only our third week!

Find TxCowboy in one of his articles below.  Fab  web site.

Would you like to have this?  My teacher has perfect steps.  We are going to film her classes by using skills from other people in the community.  Someone in her class took a video of her feet so that he could practise later.  That really is stealing in my view.  Small businesses need help and one income stream could be videos.  We just need all the players, including the sellers like Amazon to get involved.

Do you want to be able to practise before your next line-dancing class?  And to Amazon, please think about it.


4 thoughts on “Calling Amazon, Software Geek Thinkers And TxCowboyDancer

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    • Brilliant, thanks. Yours is just the site needed to draw attention to this.

      Last week I met someone from YouTube and put the idea to him. He thought it a great idea that he could put forward. Of course it could be next-stage Amazon or YouTube as you’re used to looking beyond.

  3. Hi there thanks for the cross link!

    I read you post and all I have to say is YOU GO GURL! 🙂

    1. re: videoing the instructor. The short version is “If the instructor permits this then I have no problem with it.” however the assumption is that it is for your own personal use. For the long version, You gave me a “topic” idea. THANK YOU!! I’ll do an article soonest on Squidoo about this.

    2. reI have had this idea for a while now which addresses many of the concerns you raise in your post. I plan to m ake and sell a new kind of line dance video. I’m just finishing up the first couple “free samples” which I’ll post on YouTube in the next week or so. My idea is this: On the web there are basically two types of line dance videos

    — Demo videos where a group or an individual dances the line dance to music. Some times this is in a studio with good lighting and some times it is in a social setting like a night club, a bar, or at a dance event.

    — Walk-through videos where an instructor “walks through” the steps either counting “1-2-3&4” or calling the steps “right, behind, right, stomp”.

    <<<<>>> A third kind of video that is basically what you get from a good instructor at a class or workshop. You get the steps, you get some repetition, you get some “linking” of the sections together, but most importantly you get technique tips which make the dance easier to execute AND which makes you look better while your doing it.

    I am planning the videos and will be selling them online.


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