Voice Occlusion – Your Voice Sounds Distorted To You

Following an article on Lipreading Mom (article link below),  I have posed the question to a few Hearing-Aid Audiologists on how to help voice occlusion.

I don’t accept there is nothing to be done.  The medical profession has said that for years about issues they do not understand. In hearing, people are more proactive, at least in amplified equipment.

In hearing , one example is tinnitus*.  They still haven’t cured it after 30 years’ research but it can be managed.  If you have high-pitched sounds in your head permanently, this is a great step forward.

We stand by our idea of an audio dictionary.  If it is made by someone with your local accent and ordinary hearing, then you may be able to train your brain to remember how it should sound.  How we link that to speech is another step.  Back to you early next week with a response from a Hearing-Aid Audiologist I hope.


18 thoughts on “Voice Occlusion – Your Voice Sounds Distorted To You

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        With a hearing issue, the explanation should be detailed. It is our ears that don’t work brilliantly. If the person doesn’t hear, please say it in a different way. It may be that some of the words you choose, are difficult to lipread. See our blog

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