The Old Balloon Tower at Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Jets Thrill Us For A Whole Week

Four days to wait for the Farnborough Airshow and the roar and boom and whoosh of fast jets over the town is fantastic.Eurofighter Typhoon at Farnborough Airshow, Ju...

I always forget that we can’t make phone calls in the afternoon as theya re practising loops and turns.  It’s like seeing set pieces for ice dancing as they hurtle across our sky.  And they are low, below clouds.  Sometimes the trees shiver and a flock of birds took exception just now.  I love it, love every minute.

Every nationality comes to share and it’s great.

Just one word for drivers.   We have lots of roundabouts.  In the US it’s crossroads.  In Switzerland it’s narrow roads.  In Farnborough every two years you see people doing things you don’t expect.  They lie down on roundabouts!  They are looking upwards and not at you.  They cross the road without looking for cars.  All our action is in the sky.  Please drive slowly.

People with red and yellow sticks in their ears are wearing earplugs.  They are quite friendly.  Starting 10 July, everyone who lives here has their favourite place to watch it. If you’re visiting, the indoor displays are full of people passionate about planes.  Take earmuffs for the outside display, especially for children!

I just heard one and rushed outside.  Swoop — boom — cray loud noise and it’s coming back.  See you all there!


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