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Thank you Andy Murray!

Thank you Andy Murray for making everyone so proud to be in the Wimbledon final, the first Briton for 74 years!  He was up against genius at play in Roger Federer and most of the country stopped to watch.  it was on the car radio and they made it different by using different spectators.  When I switched on there was an Australian commentator and French one.  Love the accents when I can lip-read.  Without it, I had no idea who was winning.  Radio commentating has to tell us everything that is going on before the applause.  There was lots of applause and that is the difference between tennis and football.  Tennis audiences applaud both sides.  It’s polite and it’s British and we were so happy to be tuning in.

Our lanes are wooded, which I love and it is great to be away from mobile phone reception, but not today.  I thought it was the SatNav interfering with reception, so switched it off.  No problem, I was heading home, straight ahead.   If I was not home in an hour, I would know I had wiggled off course. It made no difference to the reception at all.

An hour or so, well, an hour and a half later as I had had to stop and switch the SatNav back on, it was one set all.  Phew! I was glued to the chair.   Great tennis.  Roger Federer reached everything with no apparent effort, yet we all know that Andy Murray’s  long and out of court  shots this year will be spot on next year.  That is Andy Murray’s dedication to the sport, lucky for us.

The tennis players will have reluctantly left Wimbledon via the Ritz and the Grosvenor and pointed their limos at Farnborough.

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