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Britain And Denmark Won At Wimbledon

English: Wimbledon Championships

English: Wimbledon Championships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congrats to Justin Marray and Freddie Nielsen in the Men’s Doubles at Wimbledon.  This is a winning year for GB PLC and they’re a big part of it.

Beautiful tennis with some incredible angles across court, placing them in the corners and a deep serve that was returned high.  Freddie did a backhand flick and Denmark and Britain smiled and kept smiling.  I hope this is the start and they take on a travelling team, to give them more wins.   It just shows what happens when you have the right partner and you play to each other’s strengths.  How long ago is it?

By chance at the Farnborough edition of the Antiques Roadshow in May, I met the older brother of someone I know.  John Paish played with David Lloyd in the semi-finals in 1973 of the Men’s Doubles at Wimbledon.  She had said he played at Wimbledon, which was impressive yet the semi-finals?!  Knock me over with a feather.

He’s been playing and involved with the Davis Cup for years (once would be a life achievement for most people) and the love of tennis shines out.   The year was 1973.  Not since then has Britain reached the Men’s Doubles semi-finals and not since 1936 has Britain had a player win!   Wow!  Well done guys!  You know everyone was rooting for you and we wish you every success for all your matches this year.  Great entertainment.  Fantastic news for you and the country and everyone who has ever picked up a racquet.  Will we see you in the Olympics?

PS How does this relate to hearing?  You don’t need ears to play tennis.


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