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F18 Fighter At Farnborough Dances On Its Tail

Eurofighter Typhoon at Farnborough Airshow, Ju...

Eurofighter Typhoon at Farnborough Airshow, July 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re waiting to hear about a big British order for planes at the Farnborough Airshow.  We are hosting and having our ears blasted and the particulates from fuel from places which may not have the same particulate standards.  Big on standards and health and safety are the British and to the doubters, they spend two years organizing it.  The flying is largely controlled before the plane takes off, except the fighters which are so spunky.  If you are lucky enough to buy a ticket online at  (ask in the newspaper shops or anyone for directions to the Rushmoor Borough Council office), tell us about your visit.  You will have the best view inside the show.  It is leafy around here, which we love, so it means we hear it rather than see it.

On Wednesday:

“Okay buddy I can hear you.”

A loud noise and a thunderclap echo.  How cool.  A fighter danced on its tail across the sky!  So exciting!  Then it soared overhead and vanished.  Twenty seconds later (feels like 5 minutes) I was staring at the noise in totally the wrong direction.  It flashed overhead and rolled.  It flew upside down.  I am hooked on this F18.  Identified by the aviation expert who gave his opinion that fewer planes were flying this year.  Yes, but never mind that.  What a feat of engineering that can dance and fly upside down!  Thank you for the show!

Correction: Farnborough Museum already has a Harrier Jump-jet.  Visit the museum on Farnborough Road just past ‘The Aviator’ hotel.


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