Farnborough Is Humming, Red Arrows Have Arrived

The Red Arrows in flight during the 2009 Radom...

The Red Arrows in flight during the 2009 Radom Air Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At 7.45 PM, an unheard-of time, the Red Arrows arrived to perform a practice?  Two planes, almost twins, curved overhead in faultless style.  One trailed blue smoke and the other red.  Talk about skimming the treetops!  The resident expert said it was because the cloud cover was so low.  Not noisy.

Farnborough Airport, the setting for the Airshow, is set on the outskirts of a small, calm sort of place.    A new hotel, the Aviator, which English: The Red Arrows in flight during the 2...is part-owned by the racing driver, David Coulthard, overlooks the whole runway.  Customers with rear-facing bedrooms have a grandstand view.  Methinks there was a special display for business last night.  What better ambience for dinner than Britain’s finest display team carving the sky outside.  7.45 pm is not dusk as it is summer.

The railway station hummed this morning when I took my son to the London train, with railway staff in earnest discussion anticipating everyone arriving for the Public Day.  A fleet of double-decker buses stood ready.  The top deck at the front is the most exciting and the back seat is the bounciest, fun however you look at it!

We’ve had the rain.  It arrives for half-an-hour in the morning.  No more thanks.  It’s the FlyBy party soon, ready for the flying at 1.00 pm.  The pessimist says the Red Arrows may not fly today as cloud is low.  We’re still going to have fun.

Happy Saturday wherever you are.  Catch the highlights on TV!


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