Orange (CCL Hearing Wellbeing 2012)

Postman Knocks Once And Jumps Up And Down

Gordonia axillaris (Fried Egg Plant) - cultivated

Gordonia axillaris (Fried Egg Plant) – cultivated (Photo credit: Arthur Chapman)

Weird postmen?  Possibly.  They wear plugs with long white leads which look like elongated hearing-aids.  You can imagine my stare at my first-ever ipod!

“I heard there is a deaf person that* lives here?” (*who)

“Who on earth told you that?”

Popping eyes, blank, somewhat panicked stare and  the usual incoherent burble that passes for talking when you’re concentrating on something else.

“No I’m not sorry. ” he said clearly.

“Excuse me?!”

He points at a letter with my name on.

“I had to attract your attention.”

There was not really any need for him to jump up and down outside.  He was of above average width and wore a fluorescent orange jacket, probably to stop him from being run over, although why you would run over a fried egg, I don’t know.

I apologised.  The new doorbell has arrived but the guy wants two and I insist on one.   Two looks stupid.  Oh and he wants me to sit between the alarm on loud – 90 dB max. and himself in another room.

Ah, when he’s here, he can have it in his outer office.  Blast his ears off.

I want it on minimum sound and prefer it to flash.  Great that’s sorted.   Now I just have to remove old doorbell.  Easier said than done.  I have been thinking to hit it with a wooden rolling pin, but smashed doorbell attached to office would not look good.  It would also attract unwanted attention and scare Mexican bean postman.  Any ideas?


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