FlyBy Had A Broken Wing

English: The RedBalloon office - an example of...

English: The RedBalloon office – an example of an open plan ‘Bullpen’-style office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FlyBy party was the weirdest experience I have had in years.  I am used to sharing; it’s how I live my life.  Explain to me how 4 guys on 4 house driveways had their own barbecues.  I almost turned tail but sort of slid to the one in the corner who had invited me.  Four parties studiously ignoring the others ten feet away.

As a Circler, I used to fundraise in the community.  All women, we would go to each other’s houses and sometimes we would have a meal.  Everyone brought something.  But the FlyBy consisted of 4 parties, each with a ton of food.  Would it have been a good idea to invite the two visitors at one party in the middle to join another one?  Or would the hostess, the local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, have been mortally offended?  What a fuss over nothing, when it would have been so easy to join together.  We did have a great time and I took the airshow’s worst pictures, as the aircraft took so long to enter my camera’s lens that I gave up at the last minute, or waited for them to be perfect and got half the squadron!

The flying was spectacular and we had a great time, talking and being well-fed. But no-one knew anyone else.  I thought the quiet neighbourhood was because I could not hear them but they were not speaking.  The teen told me to stop stressing as I couldn’t change it.  Want to bet?  I’ll invite them to the local pub for a Christmas drink, probably the worst place for hearing with its fashionable open-plan  restaurant, where the main noise is cutlery clatter 😉 .  It takes one person to start a trend.  Started any hearing trends lately?  It just takes one remark.


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