Highlighting (CCL Hearing Wellbeing copyright 2012)

Cobbler Mend My Shoe – Echo of Line-Dancing Halls


Feet (Photo credit: Prio)


“You don’t need special shoes.”

Yes you do.  Today the heel fell off a pair of sandals I liked a lot.  Off to the cobblers who lip-reads over the sound of his machine.  A happy man, he sends all his customers home smiling.

High-heeled boots  act like stilts with the same fluidity and trainers stick to the floor.  There are some cowboy boots somewhere with pointy toes unless they went out to the charity store.  Jazz shoes anyone?   Suggestions welcome.

And this week I understood nothing at all.   All hearing was gibberish.   The homerwork was a leaflet which had the words :

‘Left, left beside left.’

If I put my foot to the left, how on earth do I do the next bit?  This week it transpires that it means put left foot to the left, then bring the right foot next to it and do a sort of hop from one foot to another.  Please correct me if I’m wrong before I engrave it to memory.

The echo was overwhelming.  No listener this week but there is no listener that can sort out that level of echo.  That’s a challenge if any echo geek wants to take it up. We could send you chocolate 🙂  .  Unfortunately it is not a good idea to have both hearing-aids on loop setting at the same time.  You become totally tuned into one sound source and at worst you could have an accident, at best you could miss a phone call.  There is work being done on a hearing-loop that will alert you to phone, etc. but there is a delay which is like someone eating and talking at the same time.  This is rambling.  I’ve got a cold in the head.  The ears are sensitive and need to rid themselves of hearing-aids for a while.  Ah, perfect peace.  Back on Saturday with a tip on hearing.  Happy Wednesday.






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