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Can’t Hear Your Own Voice?


Everyone has days where hearing is great.  Sometimes it drops slightly with a head cold.  Think of that slight drop and know that is permanently like that for some people.

What happens when your own voice sounds weird?  When you have ordinary hearing, you dismiss it.  When you have a hearing issue*, you think you have mispronounced the word.

Can’t Hear Your Own Voice?

Apart from managing hearing, I have not heard of a definite way to stop hearing loss.  No need to worry as it usually takes years.

One solution is to try to keep what you have now.  To make an audio dictionary, we want actors who speak words accurately.  Naturally we need one from every country and language on the planet.  Later we can do regional variations except we need an American and a British actor straight off as the vocabulary is different. You might say the same for Brazilian and Portuguese.  Your call.

Wanted: Speakers not Squeakers. 

Hearing loss happens frequently amongst the high notes.  Having said that, most actors and actresses can change the pitch of their voices.  Choose a man or a woman.

Which actor/actress speaks your language the best?

We will choose the top three and make in a poll for hearing-aid users.  They are also experts in language.

*Hearing only has to drop a tiny amount for you to mis-hear the beginning or end of words.

Please do this.  You will make a difference to someone’s life.



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