A Roofline As Original As Its People (CCL Hearing Wellbeing copyright 2012)

Hearing Gibberish

I must be the worst line-dancer on the planet.  I can follow but hear none of the instructions. The rest of the class point in the direction of travel but I am liable to get too close as have put in an extra step.  The woman to my right goes wrong when I turn her way as she is suddenly conscious of someone watching her feet.

I have found another personal listener with a range of two metres, 6 feet maximum.  That may sort it. I’ll let you know next week.  It seems it’s on throughout the summer.  I’m determined to nail it, if only so I can join in if I’m on vacation and someone suddenly starts doing it.  Head over to TxCowboyDancer for dance etiquette.  It seems line dancing in pattern is done in the middle of a  dance floor.  You have your own space.  Space? I need half the floor!  He also talks about dancing the corners.  He has a very funny poll.  Feather boa anyone?

It’s great core body exercise and keeps you strong and it’s aerobic.  It’s just the steps and trying to hear in background noise that is the problem.     if anyone knows of a listener and there are twenty on the market, let me know and I’ll try it.  If you like a particular listener for music, tell us here.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor (Photo credit: enric archivell)

Happy Wednesday and may your dancing be easy.


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