Hearing In The London Tube / Underground Trains / Subway

London Underground roundel logo

London Underground roundel logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are so thrilled that the Olympics is here that everything will be related to it for the next two weeks.

Did you see the Opening Ceremony? I thought that Beijing’s ceremony was very beautiful and poignant and the former Olympic cyclist in the sky around their main arena was stunning.  In London we had one after another  set pieces, each a stunning delight.  the audience took part; at home we could hear them. Yet the visual part with the Industrial Revolution with Brunel the inventor, such a British hobby, the hospital and the children and how they enjoyed themselves and the house with that creative imagery implemented by a Chinese company was stunning.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Lord Coe and your team and LCOG.

Our hearing tip today is for people visiting London.  The picture at the top of this post shows the Hearing Help you can find in the London Underground.  Find them on the train platform where you get on the train.  Often they are fixed to the wall.

These are Information Points for people with a hearing issue.  If you have a panic about anything, just press the blue‘Information’ button.   The London Tube carries thousands of people every day and someone will respond.  Go to loop setting on your hearing-aid while you’re waiting.  That will cut out some background noise.  Explain what you want.  If you can’t hear the response because a train just arrived, tell them!  Someone will come.

Give them at least 10 minutes to arrive.  Explain the problem and it will be sorted.  What you take underground is commonsense.  The wait for a Tube train is 3-10 minutes usually.  The refreshments are upstairs, not underground.  The trip never seems any time to me as I love travelling on the Underground.  There are so many different people to look at and different languages to hear.   I have no idea how long it takes!

If you can’t hear, stand against a have a problem ask someone.  We’re quite friendly and delighted you have taken the opportunity to visit.


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