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Apple Geeks Listening About Hearing!

Apple wonderful Apple!  If you know me at all, you know I don’t  flatter phones, especially mobiles.  I had dispensed with my mobile, shock horror as I couldn’t hear on it.  Yes, amplified mobiles, I know but I want design in phones but I want hearing clarity first.  I’m not having big buttons for anyone.

Apple Apple Apple is thinking to set up a network for hard-of-hearing users according to Matthew Broesma writing in ‘W Tech Week Europe‘ on 23 July.

‘Apple is researching the idea of a social network for hearing-impaired users that could be supported by the “made for iPhone” hearing aids planned to debut with iOS 6 this autumn.

According to patent applications published last week, and first noted by Apple-focused news site AppleInsider, the social network will build on iOS 6 hearing-aid technology that will be compatible with the iPhone 4S as well as the upcoming iPhone 5.’

It’s plain to us what is happening.  We’ll just refer you to previous blog posts and say thanks to Apple for hearing the idea and having the creativity and strategic vision to give hearing-aid wearers a leg-up.  Use it with specially-adapted hearing-aids ?  Well that’s obvious; they need to protect their investment.  I can have a panel of long-term hearing-aid users willing to trial them – fine I have four off the top of my head, including me and a range of hearing issues.  Being long-time users, we are a bit sceptical so Apple needs u to overcome that scepticism and communicate it to the global hearing-assisted community.  Now, just finishing the book and will have that up shortly.

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