Lines Everywhere You Look (CCL Hearing Wellbeing Copyright 2012)

50% Hearing But Which Shoes?


This week I heard 50%.  That’s two sides of a line dancing square.  The rest I can get by.  To a line-dancer that is called hacking their speciality to bits and adding steps where they shouldn’t be.  It’s like understanding sentences when you’ve got a hearing issue.  You add words that you think they said.

If I understand 20% I can make up the rest of the instructions.  If I listen to the music, I lose the plot entirely!    I used the Conversor Pro again (hearing loop)

Français : Bradley Wiggins, vainqueur du Crité...

Français : Bradley Wiggins, vainqueur du Critérium du Dauphiné 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and kept it on zoom which cut out quite a lot of background echo.  Also I had recovered from the summer cold and hearing had come back up.

Will hang in there.  Almost ordered a pair of red dancing shoes until I found out they would take six weeks to arrive! Maybe flippers would be slippier although difficult to point.  Any ideas?

Thanks very much to the others in the class who put up with losing bits of their dancing space and coming face to face with me without being cross or losing their own steps.  I’m starting to think that I can’t follow, but there’s no such word as ‘can’t’ the teens remind me with ironic looks.  I’ve been saying it for years.

Have a great dancing week!
Did I mention that we’re cheering every competitor?  The Olympic swimming was fantastic and we had lots of swimmers who made the finals 🙂  And Bradley Wiggins, the unassuming hero of the ‘Tour de France‘ won the Olympic cycling Gold in the time trial as well! Brilliant.


I’m hanging in there.  Line dancing is still terrifying to watch: like a shoal of fish but when you’re in it with the music


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