Olympic Hearing Has Stellar Effect

Hello and happy Saturday

Have you noticed the difficulty that everyone has when there is a huge crowd of supporters?  The background cheering is phenomenal and wonderful and hits the television speakers like a wave.  It’s not regular is it?  People talking and sudden shouts are not something a machine can cope with.  A burst of cheering will make people with ordinary hearing miss what the interviewer says to the new Olympic medallist.  Everybody is feeling like that and not just people with a hearing issue.  In one fell swoop they are hard-of-hearing!

Sky TV responded by making their commentators wear microphones very close to their mouths.  This is inside the arenas.  No wind noise or traffic to contend with just waves of emotional cheering.  If you have a hearing issue, you will recognise the sound issues.  It is like the whole world suddenly needs to be on a hearing loop.

The level of joyful noise and the shouts that suddenly penetrate  interviews at the poolside show that TV cameras and hearing loops face the same problem: they cannot make you hear perfectly in every situation.  Sometimes there are too many variables.

In the main studio, there is ordinary glass between the studio and the supporters outside.  They can be heard very clearly through it by the people in the studio.  At the end of every evening, the commentators turn around to the crowd, the accompanying athletes show off their new medals and the crowd goes wild.  It is great television entertainment.

The TV cameras were not prepared for it, but now it is affecting everyone, it is a wake-up call to solving  hearing in background noise.   Some companies with strategic vision and who have informed themselves about background noise are already more than halfway there with solutions.  We can look forward with great excitement

To everyone who has won medals, from all over the world, we are so happy you are shining at London 2012 Olympics.  We wish you the time of your life.  Your fantastic effort is reflecting on audiences everywhere and especially on us British.  Teamwork makes us grow and feel great!  Thank you!

London 2012 banner at The Monument.

London 2012 banner at The Monument. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Debbie Jeffrey

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