Follow instruction? Me? (CCL Hearing Wellbeing copyright 2012)



I’m really struggling with the line-dancing.  The instructor is very good and holds out a hand to show which direction to go but I’m not hearing what she says.   Three sides of the square work and then I’m faced with a wall and in front.  The line keeps collapsing as they realise I’m doing different steps!

I’ll try out another listener next week to see if it works in echo.  Line-dancing is the first time I’ve found a block against practice.  I want to be perfect before I step out.  Practice videos on YouTube are all dark and fast.  Beginner steps please, that’s to the teachers.

I probably need a hearing-aid check.  How often do you have yours checked?

I still haven’t given up.  I think people with a hearing issue are known for persistence!

On Saturday we’ll post a Hearing Tip to try out.  E-book coming soon.


Debbie Jeffrey



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