Support But No Sailing Due to Windless Scorcher of a Day 9 August 2011 (CCL Hearing Wellbeing copyright 2012)

Mother Of All Background Noise Wanted! Closing Olympic Ceremony Spectacular


Can’t wait and 15 Golds still waiting to be won:  Good luck everyone!  The support, all the athletes have said that they love it and we applaud and when we win, we know the words to the national anthem!  It must be grea to have that ringing in your ears and they deserve every second of glory.  And so many nationalities getting medals; there’s a lot of sharing going on and we love it all!  And we have another event: Paralympics start 27th August!  I know lots of people with tickets!  Talk about a fun summer: 2012 is a fun year!!

Starting time: 21:00 hrs., 9.00 pm GMT

Hearing Tip:

If you’re at a loud event, take acoustic earplugs.  Hearing-aids don’t protect your ears from loud noise; they just try and filter speech!  Alpine Musicsafe is a bestseller in Europe.  If you’re in the States, is a fun site.  (Buying from Europe you pay import duty.)   Musicplugs, Travelplugs, Swimplugs, Snoreplugs (always bought for other people as of course no-one snores)!

There’s huge debate.  Do musicplugs cut out the best bits?  Doe they cut the layers and the depth.  Do you agree/ disagree?

At  a ‘Thriller’ Tribute Concert, I could feel that vibration in the ribcage, whilst wearing plugs and moved.  My husband let the music sing through his bones.  He’s got perfect hearing at least he did have but he loves loud music.  Pay your money and take your choice!



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