If Geeks Have Great Imagination – Imagine the horizon is never still

El Sardinero beach, in Santander (Cantabria, S...

El Sardinero beach, in Santander (Cantabria, Spain). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Dog walking near Brora. A dog walker ...

English: Dog walking near Brora. A dog walker enjoys early morning sunshine on the superb beaches at Brora. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine that there is no ground beneath your feet.  How would you feel?  Sick? Crazy?


Meniers, the balance disorder, makes people lurch.  A dog-walker wanders up gravel drives that are not her own and the dogs sense something is wrong.


A Doctor once told me that the way to cure something was to do more of it.  Vaccinations are small doses of disease.  Why not help Meniers, the balance* disorder with line-dancing?  It strengthens legs and ankles.  The steps force you to balance on one foot and then the other whilst looking straight ahead.


If you can temporarily lose the ability to know which way is up when relaxing with alcohol 😉 *, we need to look at why that feeling goes away and what mechanism it is.  Current ways of fixing Meniers include trying different pathways like the teeth.  Maybe it’s just loose wiring in the mechanism, like a faulty car ignition switch.  My ex once had to coast from Lisbon to Santander with a faulty ignition switch on a Velocce Sprint.  When the mechanics found the problem, they fixed it straight away.  Well people with Meniers don’t want to coast!  They want to move on to a great life!  Every suggestion welcome, the more off the wall the better.


The balance organs are in the ears:


Forward and back




Up and down


Try it.  We’re thinking to set up a time for talkin about tinnitus.  Meniers is much rarer but sometimes they go together.  Hey, if it helps one person to have a great day, it’s worth it.  What do you think?




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