So much going on, do your eyes find a focal point? Hearing-aids have to do that. (CCL Hearing Wellbeing 2012)

Want a lump of concrete in your ear?  That was twenty years ago.

Twitch your jaw around to ease the pressure?  Ask for the escape route.  Not from the room, an airhole in the hearing mould!  It was the dentist who diagnosed that for me.

Moulds that framed the inside of the ear work and mean the skin can breathe.

If you’re mild to moderate, it’s now mushroom shape or tulip dependent on your hearing.

One aid or two?    If it’s like walking with two feet, I’ve been twenty years on the hop!  Is it fashion? How many studies have been done to show two are necessary?  Not many.  At first I thought it was dreamt up by the industry but I grudgingly acknowledge  it’s about speed of transmission to the opposite side of the head.  If you have binaural hearing loss (both ears) then you need the same help in both ears.

It’s also about balance.  The body’s balance organs are in the ears. One or two?  I went to two because colleagues said at work that I wasn’t hearing them well enough.  Since they were also hearing-assisted, I gave in.

Seeing the aids?  Easier for women as you can hide them with your hair.    But guys, please, since when does anyone talk to the side of your head?!     If they’re looking face-on hearing-aids will not be seen, so just be cool, you look great, you can hear.  Have a great day!


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