Support But No Sailing Due to Windless Scorcher of a Day 9 August 2011 (CCL Hearing Wellbeing copyright 2012)

Line-Dancing & Tinnitus


Dancing might take your mind off tinnitus.


If you drift off into any thought apart from line-dancing, you end up facing everyone else.  It’s like sign language; you’re always behind.  The class loves it; they’re in stitches!


Watching it is still scary.  Bored by not knowing the names of the step patterns as I can’t hear them,  I’ve got stuck with it.    I feel like I’m on eternal loop, going from watching to doing, to seeing no point, to thinking I could join in at a wedding or on vacation.  Still great strengthening for ankles and legs.  Any skiers out there?  It beats traditional exercises hands down!


I gave up with a hearing loop because it couldn’t cope in the echo or it wasn’t focussed on my hearing enough.  You can get hearing loops that adjust to your hearing issue  (around £2500 or 4500 dollars) .  How much would you pay for another pair of ears that work?  Priceless in all meanings of the word,  unless someone has a new one they want feedback on? .


I am sure there are lots of people here who would try one out.  And the advantage is that we come from everywhere!


We’ll talk about tinnitus on Wednesdays and the line dancing will submerge in frustration… clarion call for TxCowboy Dancer who is putting videos on the Net.  He had just broken his wrist which  is why I’m happy to wait.




We’ll rename this column Talk on Tinnitus, and how to manage it, starting next week.





6 thoughts on “Line-Dancing & Tinnitus

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    • Thanks for the reminder and you’re welcome to guest blog any time. I’m thrilled that you’re commenting from Australia as it shows people that not only is it a real condition, it happens everywhere.

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