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Volume-Controlled Headphones – Do They Work?

ASL in family

ASL in family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


sign language in action

sign language in action (Photo credit: elyse patten)


I have seen some for children that are being marketed as volume-controlled.  Surely all children’s headphones have always had controlled output?  Would I have checked that to protect their hearing?  Probably not but my husband would have.  That is probably a bid for the two-parent family where each has a lot to give.  It is also a note to government regulations where you only hear (excuse the pun) when something goes wrong.


What about volume control for adults?  You see I can’t tell if it is too loud unless the teenager appears with his version of sign language about blasting his ears off!  Maybe if I had had volume-control earlier, my brain would have trained itself to judge volume better.   What do you think?

Posts are shorter at the moment as I’m on a promise to finish the ebook on hearing.





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