One Of A Kind (CCL Hearing Wellbeing copyright 2012)

Non-Technie, Not Practical, Say It Differently

Today is one of those that started well and then all the machines in the place you are, have stopped working. It’s as though some man’s hand has turned off the knobs so tightly that you can’t get them to work. Except there are no men here. So you push and pull and tug and nothing happens.

In defeat, you wipe your hand across the tap and water splashes out. Yippee! Small snag is those taps were decorative after all.

So next time someone doesn’t hear you, don’t give up. Think of another way to say it. If you believe you are above this, say the sentence, whilst looking in a mirror and without hearing your own voice. Not a whisper. That’s cheating! Just waggle your lips up and down and see if you can lip-read yourself.

Nine out of ten people realise how difficult they just made life for a hearing-assisted partner.

Make their day. Life is too short for taps with design faults.



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