A Growling Car Stops Me In My Tracks

English: Ford Zephyr 6 Mark IV post facelift a...

English: Ford Zephyr 6 Mark IV post facelift at Classic Car Show Knebworth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night as I was closing the curtains against the night, I heard an unfamiliar but powerful growl. It was a car speeding away, its headlights dancing in the dark.

That is when I started to think about cars and engines and where it was possible to see them.  Surfing the internet I found Beaulieu National Motor Museum in Hampshire.  I knew it existed but hated the English pronunciation ‘Bewlee’ when of course the true way of saying it is ‘Bow-l-yuh’.  It is French and we should not massacre someone else’s language.  However we are expected to be willing to understand ‘keek’ for ‘cake’. A war of words withe the French is truly terrifying.

An hour’s drive there was worth it.  A classic car day.  How lucky was that?  Old Beetles with hooded headlights and Postman Pat vans for children to the gorgeous, sleek lines of old Bentleys.    A famous –  12-cylinder Bugatti, black, one-seater  bullet with a fin behind the driver-s head.   It was static, but there were plenty of growlers: Austin Headley – beautiful sports cars, beautifully rounded chassis and a red one with red leather seats.

Was it the same sort of growl that I heard last night? I’m not sure.   I’m waiting for it to come back.  Do you have a favourite sound memory?


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