Uplift Your Hearts - London 2012 (CCL Hearing Wellbeing Copyright 2012)

Could Sign Language Stop ‘The Terrible Two’s’


Ever seen a two-year-old in a rage?  It’s funny, frustrating and infuriating in that order.  I remember my daughter refused to go up an escalator because she was watching something.  Having been carried up and put down at the top, she threw herself on the floor and hammered it with her hands and feet.  We burst out laughing!  So did the adults around us and she never did it again.  That was lucky compared to what some parents go through.

If she had been able to communicate her frustration, she may still have thrown herself on the floor.  Let’s concentrate on the frustration.  Small children communicate visually.  They take visual clues off adults, their environment and other children.  (Aagh, how do Nurseries cope with mass tantrums?)  Signing the phrase ‘I want to stay here’ is difficult.  If she had signs for ‘stay’ and ‘here’ she might have felt less frustration.  She still would not have got her way but she might have been less furious about it.  It is worth a try for the child’s sake and parents’ sanity!



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