Personal Communication Assistant – why thank you!


“I’ve got one.  Had her for years.” he said and beamed proudly at his wife.

She sighed.  Repeating, even for someone you love must get annoying.

Your loved one deserves a life too.  Some people, who shall remain nameless, say they don’t mind repeating.  It is very naughty, when having a row, to say ‘pardon’?  They have to repeat the daft thing they just said.  Hopefully, they will realise and laugh.  Then the row is over.

It doesn’t work with those who don’t love you.  They promised in a rash moment to repeat ad infinitum and since they work with you, they want to keep the peace.  If they have ordinary hearing and work in a deaf charity, they feel even more obliged to keep repeating whilst pinning a smile.

Maybe there should be a little give here from those of us with a hearing issue.  If you insist on constant repetition, there is something amiss with your hearing.  With me a beginner, very gentle Audiologist took two points of reference on a hearing test and drew a straight line between them.  This led an infatuated Consultant to insist that my hearing hadn’t changed in 15 years.

It wasn’t till I had new hearing devices that the misdiagnosis became obvious.  I couldn’t hear my parents and my personal communication assistant was in a right strop, saying he had not signed up to repeat every word but also that, obviously, I had to give the new devices a chance.  Sometimes,  we have to rely on ourselves.  It is our hearing and only we know what it is like.  Have yours checked.  Make sure you see the audiogram.   In the UK , audiologists are for some odd reason, shy of giving out this information.  It’s just needed to match it to hearing-aids and equipment.

Everyone has to play fair.  It was an Audiologist with thirty years’ experience, who saved me.  There was also a new policy which meant a follow-up appointment: a first and in a recession as well  Often the government gets it right.  We should applaud those times.



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