How to talk on the phone – What? I’m a Grown-Up


Bluetooth Handset Video

Bluetooth Handset Video (Photo credit: mightyohm)

Put the  amplified phone to your hearing-aid and the squeal will be heard by the person standing next to you.

Accepted theory is that you should put the handset at 45 degrees to your head.  Have you tried doing that in an office?  Jokers abound.  There has to be an easier way.  So I try the new hearing-aid on the speaking clock:

“At the first stroke it will be ten, forty-nine and three seconds.”

Or something like that.  Then you hear three piercing beeps.  Actually if they are quiet, you should wonder about your hearing.

Pressing the handset into the side of your head hurts.  It hurts for long after you put the phone down and it leaves an imprint in the side of your head.  Bad hair day anyone?

So shimmy.  What?  It’s a cross between sliding the handset across your ear which will cause instant feedback and giving it tiny shakes as it passes about 2.5 cm above your ear.  It can be at the top, middle, side bottom of your ear.  Regrettably, you are on your own here as only you know the best place.  If you turn your head even slightly, you will lose it.  So it isn’t the best option.

Some people take their hearing-aids out to take a call.  The trouble is that their ears don’t process the sound well enough; that’s what the hearing-aid is for.  An Audiological Scientist must have thought about this and wondered why it worked for so many people.  It may be a combination of using bone conduction to amplify through the outside ear and gathering in sound more accurately.  Do you agree?

The resultant hearing-aid has a small tubing that leads off the mould.  It must be gently put into the shell of the ear on the outside world part of your hearing-aid.  I keep meeting people onvinced that the antenna is only for balance and keeping the tubing in place.  Rot.  It makes me hear better via bone conduction in the outer ear.  Tulip or mushroom mould?  Do you have one or know anyone who does?

Using your hearing-aids’ loop settings will minimise feedback and cut background noise.  But you should only have one hearing-aid on loop in case someone comes into the room and offers you chocolate, a flight with Richard Branson to the edge of space (to test our weightless hearing-aids) or the building is on fire and you haven’t noticed.

Practice is key, so that  you don’t look like you’re avoiding putting the phone to your ear.  Besides there is always some office wit who will catch you.

Best of luck.   How do you take a phone call with hearing-aids?



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