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Waking up with tinnitus



Waking-dream1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi everyone

Someone told me once that on the cusp of waking up, as his eyes open to the new day, he is in blissful silence.  It lasts a few seconds before the pounding pulverises him.  His tinnitus is constant and can stop him going to sleep.


What is that slight pause between sleep and being fully awake?  Can we exploit it to rid everyone of tinnitus?  How do we do it?


Your opinion appreciated and remember if you have it or you work in the field, you are an expert.  Who cares how crazy the theory is?  We don’t.  Please tell us and let’s get rid of it.

See the study in Auckland below.  At last the idea of retraining your brain is getting into the public consciousness.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s just about doing something different to distract yourself and maybe keep doing it.  The tinnitus goes down.  It works for me.  Have you tried it?

And if you live in Ireland, you may be able to get onto a Tinnitus Study which starts this September and runs for two years.  The company’s name is Restored Hearing, see the article below.







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