What Other People Do For You


I’ was on a screenwriting workshop last weekend and it was great. There was a room full of writers, perfect strangers. They were all exceptional writers. I knew that because of the way the course was structured. We bounced ideas off each other within five minutes, giving and receiving. It was fabulous fun.

I arrived late, groan, as it hadn’t occurred to me that maintenance work would be done at a weekend, being provincial and skipping to London once a month if I’m lucky. Post-Olympics, on a north-south, west-east gridline, there was no service in the main Bakerloo Line Underground (subway)! That happened both days and hopefully never again. Waterloo was its fabulous self and shows how much we take it for granted. One stop out, at Charing Cross the train driver asked us all to get off.

Time to think of another route which was actually not dificult at all. Anyway, I arrived eventually and went into the wrong class with some other guy who was supposed to be there. The instructor was ever so good about it, escorting me to the lift (elevator). I think he wanted to make sure I didn’t come back!! It was so funny.

Anyway, I walked in and there was a space next to Icanthe and I was so grateful. She smiled which was really nice of her. And later she moved her wheelchair around the table, opposite me, so that we could talk in a threesome. She had no idea that it was so much easier for me to hear her like that. She moved much faster than me. I think she saw a problem and rectified it. I was very impressed not to say grateful. It’s a sign of what other people do for you and they don’t know you. She was very shy yet hopefully, Facebook groups mean we can talk sometime.

Shortly after that, I realised I could hear every word of what one of the guys leading it was saying. Actually I could hear them both, great voices 😉 . There’s nothing quite so scary as walking across a room of strangers It turned out everyone was passionate about writing.

One of the leaders, he knows who he is, had activated microphones. I’m not quite sure where they were but it was only much later in the course, in fact it was the following day when I suddenly realised after lunch that it was muffled. Someone switched it back on although I didn’t see him do it.  Thanks, appreciated, or maybe they came on with the airconditioning. But I’ve never heard of that before. Usually you have to turn them on separately. He won’t read this, but you know how grateful we are when someone performs a kindness like that. It makes our lives so much easier. I could hear perfectly, okay 95% and not on loop either. Having said that, if people find out about the hearing, they don’t know what to do and panic. I must get that ebook out. I’ve been making pretty pictures with the front cover, wich is patently not about the hearing issue!

Have a great day. I’ll post on Saturday with a tip as usual.

It was amazing, although next time I might have to sit away from the wall with designer portholes in it. Glass looks good but sound is not absorbed by it. Sound goes straight through, where walls absorb it, there was maintenance work on the London Underground


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