It Is Emotional Tsunami Weekend


It doesn’t matter how sceptical you are but at the moment, everyone is very emotional.  Relationships will break up or reach new understanding this weekend because of planet and star alignment. I was sceptical about this stuff for three years!  Switch off if you like but the emotion ripples.  Here’s what you do.

Stay adaptable.

Focus your brain on how to get out of it.  People in a strong relationship can stay in one by doing this.

Do something fun like go to a party, Paris or please, do something you love.  And if you’re lucky enough to have found that one person whom you love, appreciate him/her.

Does this have anything to do with hearing?  Of course.  It’s about communication and with a hearing issue, I try to make absolutely sure that I’ve understood the words.  The meaning is something else!  The trouble is that we miss things and did I miss something huge with someone I just met?  I may never find out.  Please don’t let this happen to you.   There’s a song.  I don’t know the singer or who wrote it:

“Walking by …

Tucked away by you …

I’m so confused, my heart feels

I was never loved by you

… I never had your heart …

I can see there’s a life out there for me.’

If you know who it is, please tell me, because I’d like to find it again.  I think it’s going to be a musical weekend.  What do you mean you can’t hear the lyrics?  Make them up.  My children go mad when I ‘sing’ a different ending to some song because I’ve made it up.  I say ‘sing’ as I didn’t know I couldn’t sing until my children told me!  But singing is good for you as a release of pent-up emotion and hey, if we can’t hear ourselves well, it gives us an excuse to sing louder!  This is the hearing tip for Saturday.)  By then you’ll have made your plans and this is in advance.  Did I say plan?  Just go for it!  Spontaneity works!

If this upsets you, just please forgive me and the hearing tips will be back forever.  if it helps just one person, then that is what communication is all about.  And we bionic hearing people communicate!


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