What does your tinnitus sound like?





We’re all different from shape and size of ear to the diameter of the ear canal.  It means tinnitus presents as a range of sounds.  Never worry that you won’t be believed.  Tinnitus professionals can tell the difference between fakers and the real thing.  If you have an issue, it will only be inexperience from the Audiologist.  There are enough Audiologists who follow this blog and will help you, wherever you are.  Helping you with long-term hearing and tinnitus issues is the reason they went into this caring profession.


Someone once said that they were hearing voices.  When I left the building, I also heard them and yes, it was terrifying!  It turned out to be voices in a carpark that were snatched away by a sea breeze and curled around an apartment block, up to the sixth floor where this man lived.  He was thinking of moving but we managed to calm him after explaining it to his daughter.  It was not tinnitus.  Sometimes it can be explained so just tell your Doctor exactly what happens when you hear tinnitus.  Give him details like when, where, how tired you are, slept badly, thirsty, prescription drugs you take for anything.  Let him rule out the nasty things and you’ll both feel better.


Tinnitus relaxers host a range of sounds from soothing to music.  A friend loves ‘waves on a beach’.  With that relaxing thought, until next week, may you be happy doing things you like best.




Debbie Jeffrey




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