Help At Hand To Hear On London Underground

The round white help-points on every Tube station platform are heaven-sent.

Anytime you have a concern, just stand by it.  great for women at night, the red emergency button is easy to reach.

I’ve used it twice.  The first one was deep in the network where the Piccadilly, Victoria and Bakerloo lines crisscrossed in every direction.  I was retracing my steps  and came across one.  A little voice faraway said “hello?”  I went to loop and then it was easy.  I stand by it now when I go onto the platform.  The man was very nice.  I did just wonder how many times a day they get someone playing a joke.

It’s just like a usual telephone conversation where I have to consciously remember to say ‘goodbye’ otherwise they don’t know you’ve gone.  I don’t want to embarrass them, especially when they are the ones offering help.  The more the staff respond, the easier they will find it.  it is a way of summoning help fast as well.  A great innovation for people with a hearing issue and easy to use!

Happy hearing!


Debbie Jeffrey



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