Nessie at Weymouth ?

The root cause of my tinnitus....

The root cause of my tinnitus…. (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)


Hi there

As some sorts of tinnitus have a psychological root, it’s very easy for me anyway to think about how loud the tinnitus is and then, unsurprising it sounds louder.  it’s all suggestion and if it were measured, the changes should not be enormous.


Some people, who can sleep on a washing line, can drop into sleep very quickly.  Is it easier if you have a hearing issue as well?  It really depends on your stress levels.


If you can keep your happ-o-meter buzzing with fun things that you like to do, then you could significantly drop the stress level.  The same goes for exercise.  I think it regulates mood.  Hard work does not; it can exhaust you and make the tinnitus louder.


Sleep next to electronics like charging mobile phones, laptops, mp3 players etc., can keep the brain in a state of constant recharging instead of relaxing.

There are relaxers, musical instruments, relaxers that emulate air-conditioning, squealing etc.  Also there are natural treatments.



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