Self-Help Groups For Tinnitus

As tinnitus is different for everyone, self-help groups rely heavily on information about how it tends to affect you and ways to make it more manageable.  It can become a social group and speakers arranged who give light-hearted feelings.  It depends on the group.  Why don’t you go to a group and make it sociable?

Dwelling on the negative is counter-productive.  If your tinnitus is severe, see a Doctor.  If you have any level you can be referred to a Tinnitus Clinic, which is often attached to your local hospital.  Don’t expect your Doctor to know about them.  They have only been going a few years.

Locally And Globally:

A leaflet arrived in the post:

Aldershot & District Tinnitus Self-Help Group

– 2nd Wednesday each month from 1.30 – 3.30 pm  in the Health Education Room, at the Aldershot Health Centre.

Basingstoke Hospital also runs one.  A nurse was running it for a long time.  She probably needs someone else to take a turn.

If you want to send details of yours locally and globally, feel free.   The more people who know that it is tinnitus and that they are not going crazy, the calmer they will be.  Anti-stress remedies are good for tinnitus.

Have a great week

Debbie Jeffrey


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