What? A Dogsled in Autumn? Where do you live?

Hi there

The conversation would have got even more out of hand if the other person had not frowned at me.

“Not ‘dogsled’, ‘my dog’s dead’.  Profuse apology, I felt dreadful but she was making a different point about cleaning her house being easier now.  Oh, just need to get over the hiccup.   It’s the one where you don’t, as a rule, explain to anyone that you have a hearing issue.  I’m still in denial, I realise although who wants to hear your woes?  That sort of clanger doesn’t happen often and as she said, it was two years ago.  Still, I was working out how a dogsled could have anything to do wite autumn, when I should have been listening.

It’s so easy to be the talker isn’t it?  Then no-one can ask you any questions!!  If you’re not a talker, you don’t say anything in case you get it wrong but that’s not a happy way to be.  So next time will I explain or not?  It depends on the kindness of the face and whether I know them really well.  It is no point explaining to strangers unless one of their chief attributes is kindess.  They do exist; I know four and that’s just the guys.

The reason I heard ‘sled’?  I had taken the hearing-aid off and forgotten to put it back on.  My question is does anyone ever forget to put their glasses back on after they’ve been exercising etc?

Have a better hearing week than this one!

Debbie Jeffrey




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