Jumbled sound or something specific CCL Hearing Wellbeing 2012

Why Wait For Tinnitus Week?

It feels like there’s a week of awareness for every cause and while they help, why wait?

I think we’ve got to be proactive with tinnitus.  If you can hear music from someone else’s headphones,  it hugely increases their risk of triggering tinnitus.  One theory is that the brain senses incoming noise and reacts by producing a similar sound of its own.  Suddenly you have noises in your head.  Worse, they don’t switch off when you want.

A great place to practise telling people is on a train or bus.  Stick a piece of paper to the back of your book, laptop or write it on your newspaper and go back to reading.    They will see it as you are holding it at their eye level.  They may look it up.  That is all you want.  It doesn’t have to be a permanent sticker.  If you did it on one journey, you might save someone from tinnitus.  Of course if they ask you about your sticker, you can tell them what it’s like to have it.

Telling people that they might get hearing loss in twenty years after listening to loud music doesn’t work.  Getting tinnitus can be instant.  Save someone today!


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